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What insurance cover do you
have for my horse?

Insurance is the owner's responsibility and is recommended if owners want horse to be covered for travel insurance to do so before pick up.

Does someone have to be there to help load and unload horse?

Yes, a horse is required to be in and ready for transport prior to eta time and we will also notify closer to delivery time to ensure someone is there for unloading.

Can you move a mare and foal?

Yes, we are prepared to have mare and foal fully enclosed section so both mare and foal can travel together or in individual space if owner prefers.  

Is there a cancellation fee?

Any contract cancelled within 24 hours of departure will pay 50% of costs. Any contract cancelled within 12 hours of departure may be charged the full cost.

How long do you allow for loading or unloading?

We allow up to 20 minutes from arrival, extra time is charged as a difficult loader fee.

What about hay and water on route?

Hay and water are provided throughout your horse's trip, as well as a feed when possible to allow the horses to continue to eat and reduce the risk of ulcers during travel.

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High Line Transport Large Horse Float exterior